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Data analysis Working Group

Data Analysis Working Group

Extracting the science of LISA, efficiently

The LISA data analysis working group is focussed on assessing the scientific abilities of the proposed LISA configuration in order to allow us to detect and characterize multiple gravitational wave (GW) sources which will simultaneously be present in the data.

Within this group we:

  1. develop parameter estimation methods for various configurations and for different models of the various families of GW sources;
  2. develop robust and sophisticated data analysis algorithms which have the capability to detect and disentangle GW signals;
  3. work together with other working groups to show how data analysis results translate into tests of fundamental physics and how it impacts on astrophysical model selection.

Currently we are preparing a realistic LISA simulator which takes into account current (and possibly evolving) design parameters of LISA and incorporates results obtained in the laboratories testing various hardware components.

Based on the success of the Mock LISA Data Challenges (MLDC), we are now working toward a new round of mock data challenges. These new challenges will be based on the most recent LISA design and will take into account plausible instrumental artifacts.We intend to address two most pressing questions of LISA data analysis in two sets of challenges:

  1. Confusion problem. We will simulate the Gaussian noise with the data rich in astrophysical sources, thousands of gravitational wave signals will be simultaneously present in the data. The challenge is to disentangle and characterize maximum number of signals.
  2. Address the effect of the instrumental (non-Gaussian) artifacts on the our ability to detect gravitational wave signals and estimate parameters of the emitting systems.

All interested scientists are welcome to join the working group by applying to the consortium and then for WG membership. Once you are a registered scientist, you can go to your account and use the Apply for Working Group button at the top to access the list of available WGs.

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