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Science of measurement Working Group

Gerhard Heinzel

While there is no system study ongoing, and since the "instrument" is now a member state contribution, it is the task of this working group to study and refine the scientific payload and its requirements

The working group reports to and gives recommendations to the consortium. One main task is to coordinate the technology development that happens in the various institutions, identify possible gaps and initiate work to fill those gaps.

We intend to convene regular – perhaps two per year – meetings. The first meeting was held in Hannover in January 2013. Though the goal is not have unwieldly large meetings, the WG is open to all – both inside Europe and overseas – who intend to help refine, improve, build and test the LISA scientific payload.

All interested scientists are welcome to join the working group by applying to the consortium and then for WG membership. Once you are a registered scientist, you can go to your account and use the Apply for Working Group button at the top to access the list of available WGs.

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