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PONT Avignon 2017

Apr 24, 2017

24-28 April 2017, Palais des Papes, Avignon (France)

The aim of the conference is to gather scientists working in cosmology and particle physics to address the cardinal issues of the dark universe today, in the inspiring and monumental setting of Avignon.

The format will consist of a limited number of talks by leading experts in the field, with the aim of encouraging debate and discussion. Typically, each morning will be devoted to a particular theme, with three or four key-speakers reviewing the state of the art, and will serve as an introduction to the topical discussions. There will be time allocated to (we hope) lively and thorough debates on the issues introduced during the review sessions.

A limited number of shorter contributed talks will take place in the afternoons as well: we invite you to submit an abstract for your contribution.

The abstract submission deadline is the 12th of March. The registration deadline is the 2nd of April 2017. There will be a moderate registration fee (precise amount to be decided, pending funding requests, but in any case no higher than 200 Euros).

Avignon is only 2.5 hours from Paris by high-speed TGV train and is also easily reached by train from Lyon and Marseille.
The town boasts an exceptional number of historical monuments, including the Popes' Palace, and beautiful surroundings which are known world-wide for their gastronomic and wine making tradition. A banquet is included in the registration fee for all participants.

Philippe Brax (CEA IPhT Saclay)
Chiara Caprini (CNRS APC Paris)
Marco Cirelli (CNRS LPTHE Jussieu Paris)
Christian Marinoni (CPT Marseille)
Géraldine Servant (DESY Hamburg)
Nicola Tamanini (CEA IPhT Saclay)