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Search for an Assistant Professor in Experimental Quantum Optics at LSU

Dec 05, 2017

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Louisiana State University invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in experimental quantum optics or atomic, molecular and optical (AMO) physics starting Fall 2018.
Application deadline is March 1, 2018.

The faculty in LSU’s Quantum Science and Technology (QST) group include Thomas Corbitt, Jonathan Dowling, Hwang Lee, Ravi Rau, Georgios Veronis and Mark M. Wilde. The group carries out an active research program in quantum optics theory, as well as the quantum optics experimental activity of Corbitt. The QST group forms half of the Hearne Institute for Theoretical Physics, with the other half comprising the experimental and theoretical general relativity group, whose faculty members consist of Ivan Agullo, Thomas Corbitt, Peter Diener, Joseph Giaime, Gabriela Gonzalez, Warren Johnson, Robert O'Connell, Jorge Pullin, and Parampreet Singh. The experimental component is largely part of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, with an extensive presence at the LIGO Livingston Observatory situated 24 miles from campus. LSU also hosts a theoretical attosecond theory group including Mette Gaarde and Ken Schafer.