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LTPDA Toolbox

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The LTPDA Toolbox

a MATLAB© toolbox for accountable and reproducible data analysis

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Always know where your data has been, and be confident in the results. LTPDA is a MATLAB© toolbox for accountable and reproducible data analysis.

The data analysis for LPF is built on solid foundations, utilising a professional-grade data analysis toolbox. Based on MATLAB, the toolbox provides an object-oriented data analysis environment where data products track all actions performed on them, making it possible to review the processing history of any data analysis result, and even to rebuild the object by automatically running all the analysis again. The toolbox includes user-level classes for many of the standard data types that an experimental physicist needs to characterise an instrument: time-series, frequency series, digital filters, various forms of transfer function, and more. In addition, the toolbox contains a vast assortment of algorithms from spectral analysis tools, to time-series preprocessing, to modelling and simulation.

As the toolbox is a formal delivery to ESA, it is extensively documented and heavily tested, with thousands of unit tests running every day, system level test campaigns carried out for major releases, and formal acceptance tests performed for deliveries to ESA.

The LTPDA toolbox is available for download here.