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First Cosmic Explorer Meeting

Oct 26, 2020

The First Cosmic Explorer Meeting will be held online via Zoom, October 26-30, 2020,

Cosmic Explorer is an NSF-funded project to help US scientists to participate in the international effort to develop a third-generation gravitational-wave network, initiate a coordinated program to study third-generation gravitational-wave science targets, networks, and detector configurations, and support the U.S. role in planning the future of gravitational-wave astronomy. Third-generation detectors will expand humanity’s ability to listen to the cosmic symphony of gravitational waves out to the very edge of the Universe.

The 1st Cosmic Explorer meeting will be an online meeting to discuss the technical design and the science case for the next generation, ground-based gravitational-wave detectors. The meeting will primarily consist of 90-minute discussion panels that focus on topics ranging from the present status of the science case to the technical design of Cosmic Explorer in the context of a global network of 3G gravitational-wave detectors. We intend to cover a diverse set of topics, including key science goals and objectives; technical objectives and design choices for CE; computing requirements for CE; and project organization and planning.

To attend the meeting please register before October 20, 2020.

Please find further information on the conference website: