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Gravitational waves meet effective field theories

Aug 20, 2023

Gravitational waves meet effective field theories
2023, Aug 20 -- Aug 26
in Benasque, Spain.

E. Barausse (SISSA, Italy)
L. Bernard (Paris Meudon/CNRS)
M. Bezares (University of Nottingham)

Registration deadline for this conference is Jun 30.

General Relativity (GR) describes gravity on a huge range of scales, field strengths and velocities. However, despite its successes, GR has been showing its age. Cosmological data support the existence of Dark Sector, but may also be interpreted as a breakdown of our understanding of gravity. Also, GR is intrinsically incompatible with quantum field theory, and should be replaced, at high energies, by a (still unknown) quantum theory of gravity. This deadlock may prelude to a paradigm change in our understanding of gravity, possibly triggered by the direct observations of neutron stars and black holes by gravitational-wave interferometers. The recent LIGO/ Virgo observations have already made a huge impact on our theoretical understanding of gravity, by severely constraining several extensions of GR. In this workshop, we will focus on effective field theories of gravity extending/modifying GR, focusing on their predictions for the generation and propagation of gravitational waves, and on their comparison with experiments. Our goal is to establish new synergies among different communities, including numerical relativity, post-Newtonian theory, data analysis and cosmology.

Invited Speakers

- Karim Noui *
- Cliff Burgess *
- Claudia de Rham*
- Antonio Padilla *
- Miguel Zumalacarragui *
- Filipo Vernizzi
- Alessandra Silvestri
- Tanja Hinderer*
- Felix Julie
- Luis Lehner
- Pau Figueras*
- Helvi Witek
- Aaron Held
- Maxence Corman
- Leo Stein*
- Harald Pfeiffer
- Tessa Baker
- Andrea Maselli
- Dina Traykova

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