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GW and MMA at EAS 2ß22

Jun 27, 2022

Special session SS14 about “Gravitational Wave and Multi-messenger Astronomy: current results and future perspectives” at the European Astronomical Society (EAS) Annual Meeting which will take place on 27 June – 1st July, in Valencia Spain.

The session (SS14) will focus on the emerging field of gravitational-wave and multi-messenger astronomy which has demonstrated a transformative potential for astrophysics and fundamental physics. An enormous amount of information has been gathered by the gravitational-wave detections made by the Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo interferometers. The next generation gravitational-wave detector Einstein Telescope (ET), thanks to its improved design, will explore the Universe through gravitational-waves along its cosmic history up to the cosmological dark ages. The session will cover i) the capabilities of present and future gravitational-wave and electromagnetic observatories, ii) the current observational results and iii) the science perspectives for the next generation gravitational-wave observatories; the theoretical challenges that need to be undertaken from now to the ET era.

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