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ICTS Summer School on Gravitational Wave Astronomy

Aug 13, 2018

Summer School on Gravitational-Wave Astronomy at the International Centre for Theoretical Sciences (ICTS) in Bangalore, India from 13th to 24th August 2018.

This school is part of the annual ICTS summer schools on gravitational-wave (GW) astronomy. Recent observations of GW signals from coalescing binaries of black holes and neutron stars have firmly established the field of GW astronomy. The promise of GW astronomy to address foundational questions in physics and astrophysics has been widely recognized. Physicists and astrophysicists are now coming up with novel ways of using GW observations to understand a variety of questions in fundamental physics and astrophysics. Recognizing this, the school has started to include courses which are considered to be outside to the traditional scope of GW physics.

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