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Understanding cosmological observations, July 23 - August 5, Benasque

Jul 23, 2023

A new wave of data is arriving from large-scale structure observations and high-sensitivity CMB polarization measurements. This workshop will focus on the data and theoretical modelling required to robustly understand the new observations as non-linear and foreground physics becomes increasingly important, and on the range of theoretical models that could explain the data and be empirically tested in the next decade.

The meeting takes place in a particularly beautiful and inspiring atmosphere below the peak of Aneto, the highest point in the Pyrenees. The program will consist mainly of a few lectures and discussion sessions, leaving plenty of time in the afternoon for interactions and research, as well as for mountain hiking. There will be plenty of opportunity for people to organise more specialized discussions where they can also present contributed talks.

In the evening, the village offers a warm and relaxing atmosphere with good and mostly inexpensive bars and restaurants. The Centre is equipped with facilities such as library, wifi, blackboards, discussion rooms and coffee lounges. Participants will get a desk in a shared office. All participants will be accommodated in hotel rooms or in nice apartments managed by the Conference center (1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments available, for prices ranging approximately from about 400 to 700 euros/week , which can be shared between participants). There will be a registration fee (by default 350 euros for the two weeks, including bus transfer from Barcelona, reception and coffee breaks), but we may be able to subsidise a small number on request. Please note that the number of participants is limited, so unfortunately we usually cannot accept everyone who would like to come. We ask interested participants to (pre)register now, but payments will only be due after final confirmation of places, which will be done after May 20th, 2023.

Plenary Speakers
Alex Amon
Florian Beutler
Kim Boddy
Tamara Davis (TBC)
Silvia Galli
Oliver Hahn
Lam Hui
Tanvi Karwal
Tania Regimbau
Fabian Schmidt

D. Blas (UAB/IFAE)
M. Crocce (ICE)
R. Flauger (UCSD)
E. Krause (U. Arizona)
A. Lewis (Sussex U.)
S. Nadathur (Portsmouth U.)
S. Nissanke (U. Amsterdam)

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