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Beate Naroska Professorships Hamburg

Sep 20, 2022

Beate Naroska (1943–2008) was a professor in experimental particle physics at the University of Hamburg from 1989 to 2008. She was an excellent scientist, a very devoted teacher and a mentor of many young scientists. She performed most of her research at DESY and CERN and made pivotal contributions to a wide range of questions in particle physics using data from the ISR, PETRA and HERA accelerators.
This guest professorship programme of the Cluster of Excellence Quantum Universe at Universität Hamburg and DESY has been established in her honour

The guest professorship will be awarded annually to two successful female scientists who distinguish themselves not only by their excellent research in one of the research areas of Quantum Universe (Higgs physics, Dark Matter, Gravitational Waves, Quantum Theories) but also by being a visible role model for women in the discipline. The Award consists of a personal prize money (Senior Award 7500 €; Junior Award 5000 €) and a certificate. The awardees will receive an invitation to Hamburg for up to six months. Support for travel and living expenses including child care is available during the absence from the home institution. This additional budget will give them the opportunity to participate in the scientific activities of Quantum Universe, to collaborate with its members, and to actively contribute to the qualification of early career researchers within the Quantum Universe Research School.

We encourage you to apply or nominate an outstanding female researcher by the 15th of October 2022.

Possible questions may be directed to the Quantum Universe Diversity Director (+49 40 8998-4849,

Further information can be found here: